A Few Recommended Resources For Agents

Well I got a bit off track with a side project but I’m back and hope to be keeping a regular schedule. That said, this site is basically a personal journal of things I want to get written down (much of it for my own use) so there might be an erratic pace to my posting from time to time.

While talking with other agents I find myself mentioning and recommending other sites and organizations so I figured I’d keep a log of for everyone that may stumble upon this site as well.

Here are a few I’ve recommended over the past few weeks.

Insurance-Forums.net – This is the biggest agent forum on the web and it is packed with tons of info. Sadly I’m much more of a lurker but I’ve always had intentions to get more active. Some topics need to be taken with a grain of salt. While there is good info to be found there is also quite a bit of negativity. Be skeptical and take it for what it is…a web forum. I don’t have much activity there because I’ve been busy running my business. I love the resource but do preface that with the notion that hanging out on web forums can be very counterproductive to your business.

InsuranceLeads101.com – This is Courtney‘s side project site detailing his experiences building an agency with internet leads being a major source of business.  This guy has built a very strong Farmers agency and has tons of first hand experience.

ThinkAdvisor.com – Formerly ProducersWeb, ThinkAdvisor is a nice resource for life and health agents as well as financial pros.

AutoInsuranceLeadsReview.com – This is a newer site a buddy of mine (hat tip Mark) actually mentioned to me. He knows one of the guys, Sam Neely, who helped make it and they are big in P&C, specifically auto. Pretty slick, I’m a sucker for side by side comparisons.

LifeInsuranceLeads.com – I talked with a guy working on this one a few weeks ago. They currently have a life insurance lead recommendation service but are working on an exclusive and post in marketplace for life pros. Sounds like it’s going to be pretty cool. I like the niche approach.

That will do it for now. I’ve got a lot more to get written down and will probably update this post. If anyone reading this wants to add a resource just leave a comment.



5 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Car

You should never take your car for granted. It gets you to and from work, the store, and anywhere else that you need to visit. For the endless service provided by your car, you should be willing to return the favor from time to time. In short, this means taking better care of your car.

Note: the more TLC you provide the better chance you have of your vehicle lasting a very long time. In turn, you are able to save a lot of money. 

Here are five ways to ensure that you are taking good care of your car:

1. Wash it regularly. This is one of the easiest ways to not only care for your car but to make it look better. No matter if you do it yourself or pay for a professional car wash, in the end the result will be the same.

Tip: as you wash your vehicle, keep a close watch for anything that is out of place and may need replaced or repaired.

2. Change the oil. Hands down, this is one of the best things you can do for your car. If you want to keep the engine in good working condition you need to change the oil based on the manufacturer’s recommended schedule.

Begin to skip oil changes and you are asking for a major problem.

3. Make repairs as soon as possible. Do you need a new battery? Are your tires worn out? Are your brakes at the end of their life? No matter what type of issues you are having, it is important to deal with them as soon as possible. A problem that is not taken care of is one that could lead to more damage in the future.