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Where to Turn for Insurance Lead Generation

As an insurance agent, your success will hinge greatly on your marketing plan. How re you currently generating leads? Are you confident in your current strategy or are you ready to make some changes? Although you may think you are on the right path, adding a few new techniques here and there could help you increase sales.

Direct Mail

Believe it or not, direct mail is making a comeback among professionals in many industries – insurance.

If you are going to rely on direct mail, make sure you target consumers in a particular area. Along with this, spend time perfecting your mailer. From a sales letter to a postcard, you must be sure that you are providing the consumer with the information needed to move forward with contacting you.

A Few Recommended Resources For Agents

Well I got a bit off track with a side project but I’m back and hope to be keeping a regular schedule. That said, this site is basically a personal journal of things I want to get written down (much of it for my own use) so there might be an erratic pace to my posting from time to time.

While talking with other agents I find myself mentioning and recommending other sites and organizations so I figured I’d keep a log of for everyone that may stumble upon this site as well.

Here are a few I’ve recommended over the past few weeks. – This is the biggest agent forum on the web and it is packed with tons of info. Sadly I’m much more of a lurker but I’ve always had intentions to get more active. Some topics need to be taken with a grain of salt. While there is good info to be found there is also quite a bit of negativity. Be skeptical and take it for what it is…a web forum. I don’t have much activity there because I’ve been busy running my business. I love the resource but do preface that with the notion that hanging out on web forums can be very counterproductive to your business. – This is Courtney‘s side project site detailing his experiences building an agency with internet leads being a major source of business.  This guy has built a very strong Farmers agency and has tons of first hand experience. – Formerly ProducersWeb, ThinkAdvisor is a nice resource for life and health agents as well as financial pros. – This is a newer site a buddy of mine (hat tip Mark) actually mentioned to me. He knows one of the guys, Sam Neely, who helped make it and they are big in P&C, specifically auto. Pretty slick, I’m a sucker for side by side comparisons. – I talked with a guy working on this one a few weeks ago. They currently have a life insurance lead recommendation service but are working on an exclusive and post in marketplace for life pros. Sounds like it’s going to be pretty cool. I like the niche approach.

That will do it for now. I’ve got a lot more to get written down and will probably update this post. If anyone reading this wants to add a resource just leave a comment.



Life Insurance Leads

Life Leads

Over the past year or so I have seen an uptick questions related to insurance leads.  Many of the questions have come from agents and financial advisors after they have already tried various types of life leads and the main question I get is where to find a good lead company.

After digging a bit I typically find the underlying issue is not the source as much as HOW the lead is processed.  If the method of working a lead is not sound the producer won’t realize success on a consistent basis no matter how good the lead source might be.

So….today I want to go over a few basics regarding contacting a lead.

Reminder: This advice goes along with the speed to contact advice posted here.

Here are three steps to follow when a working a life insurance lead (or just about any other type of insurance lead):

1. First attempt to make contact on the telephone as soon as it comes in. As you know, it is much easier to close a sale over the phone because you can work with the consumer to better understand their situation.  This also gives you an opportunity to make content at the peak of interest before other distractions come into play (assuming it is a real-time lead).

2. Make use of email. There are going to be times when a consumer wants to communicate via email and it is important that you meet the prospect at their preferred medium. When you contact a lead via email, make sure you are concise and complete with your answers. Since you are not communicating in real time, you need to make as much progress as possible with each message you send.  Take a forward looking approach and try to answer any questions or objections you could encounter beforehand. If you have already spoken with the person on the follow use email to recap and pitch your unique value.  If you have exhausted all efforts add the lead to on ongoing drip email marketing series and follow up manually on renewal dates.

3. Don’t give up after one failed attempt. You may call an online insurance lead just to find that they don’t answer their phone. As frustrating as this can be, you don’t want to give up. Continue to make contact until you finally get the person on the phone.  I suggest making at least 7 attempts via phone before moving a lead to an auto responder list.  You will probably be surprised  to see how many leads end up converting at 5 call attempts.

Are you confident in your ability to follow these three steps? If so, put them into practice and you will be ready to make progress with online life insurance leads.

For a good look at life insurance lead sources I recommend checking out this site.  You can also check out Kevin’s ILR or our Where to Buy Leads post.